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What a treasure...Lots of emotions reading this book, pain, haunting, gleeful, sad, optimistic, inspiring, courage to go on.
- Julie Barret of J Barrett Blogspot

The Poet by Jori Aguilar Sams

Will he kill her with his words?

Based on a true story.

Making Waves on the Aegean: a true tale of tavernas, tzatziki, and tempestuous tides

Jordan flees to the Greek Isles expecting to plot a new course in life aboard the Guinevere, hoping it will all be plain sailing. But she soon finds herself caught in the eye of the storm, trying to steer between the waves of two mad skippers, a heart-struck German admirer, and Wenzel, the tall, bronzed first mate who may, just may, be her only safe way back into port. A true tale of tavernas, tzatziki, and tempestuous tides.

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Wow top pick of the month for me. This book has so much, you're gonna love it! No chores today, couldn't put the book down.
- Julie Barret of J Barrett Blogspot

A Box of Wishes

Wishes do come true! Alone on the cold streets of London, a little homeless girl meets her destiny when she happens upon a little red box during Christmastime...

A feel-good Christmas story for kids!

Only 1.99!

I like the story because a spirit came to help Tindara and she uses her last wish for someone else. 5/5 Good book!
- Remy, age 10, Lonaconing, MD

Fiction and Non Fiction

This is the second volume in the study book What Every Woman Should Know, which continues where the first volume left off exploring the way forward for women.

What was God thinking when he made man and woman? Take a journey with me back in time to explore the heart of God, who wants to be intimately acquainted with those he made. This is a new edition in the two-volume study book series. What you discover just may set you free.

Light-hearted and fun-filled travel fiction that will send you packing to Morocco's Sahara for an adventure of your own!

Get this study guide teacher's manual to help lead your group through a daily devotional on the book of Revelation. Meant to be used alongside the student workbook.

A comprehensive study through the mysterious and complex book of Revelation. This is a daily devotional that will help you get your head around it!

Like the Psalms, this compilation of poetry resonates from moments when the soul bleeds or when it sends up sounds of praise.

Writeious Kidz

Writeious Kidz eBooks
Li'l Lingo is a little girl who has a heart for adventure, poetry, and rhyme! She is cute and full of promise.
- Amazon Editorial Review

Li'l Lingo is a delightful illustrated children's ebook series. Follow her as she rhymes her way through adventures. Some of the books are even written in Spanish and English side-by-side to encourage language learning!

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Coming Soon:

  • Book Series: Three Generations from Budapest
  • Book Series: Leaving Paradise
  • Bible Study: Walking Like an Ephesian
  • Bible Study: The First Gospel was Mark
  • Bible Study: Getting to Know the Brother of Jesus
Author_Image Jori Sams

My mind is always in writer’s mode. I feel most grounded when I’m doing just that. This is when I have a chance to give back all that’s been invested in me. Spiced with a past that has led me to live in states all over the US, as well as four different countries across Europe, this has supplied me a palette full of colors providing plenty of material to sing and write about. So browse around and have a little snack as I dish up some food for thought!

Create. Inspire. Repeat.