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From time to time SamSword, the writing division of SamSol Designs, has freelance writing competitions and surveys to help us stay in touch with our clients and visitors.

Keeping in touch with our clients and readers is the most enjoyable aspect of our work! If you think you have a strong piece of writing that falls into one of our categories, send us a writing sample and we will consider publishing it as a guest blog on our Writeious Blog.

If it drives in a lot of activity, we will compensate you for it, with pleasure. Please keep your minimum at 400 words and your maximum 1500. We will reject submissions that are poorly written and have a lot of errors.

So sit back, grab a cup o' Joe and your netbook and stay awhile! If you have something to send us, email it pasted in the body of your email. We will not open attachments unless we request them first. We are interested to know more about you, so include a brief note about your past writing experience and what you enjoy doing now.



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