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Julian Assange, You've Got Mail
Photo by Alex Thompson

Even more damaging will be his extradition to Sweden once his location of hiding is discovered.

Wikileaked Baghdad
Photo in Public Domain

December 6, 2010

julian assange 
Photo Courtesy of New Media Days

Mr. Julian Assange Hopes His Whereabouts aren’t Wikileaked

Julian Assange could be the bravest man
on the planet. He might also be the stup
idest. One thing is for sure, he is the
most wanted by the CIA.

Well, I sit amazed at the things going on in the world every day, yet never really surprised. I’m not sure what Mr. Julian “Wikileaks” Assange was thinking when he published hundreds of classified documents.

Was it infamy? An edgy, aggressive reputation? The desire to develop a fearless and cutting edge website with a huge stream of faithful followers? Did he really just think the sensitive stories should be exposed and he would be rewarded for humiliating America?

Wikileaks is Going to Battle with the American Government

The CIA and American Government have something to say and, unfortunately for Mr. Assange, that means his life is pretty much done for. Even if you, too, are banking in Switzerland, you can count on it.

This is quoted on the BBC website “This is probably the most controversial document yet from the Wikileaks organisation”, stated BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus on December 6th, 2010 after Wikileaks disclosed the whereabouts of facilities that put national security at risk for the US and the UK.

Vital Sites Exposed by Wikileaks

The list includes pipelines, satellite sites, cable locations and transport and communication hubs. The response so irate this is what Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former UK Foreign Secretary remarked, “WikiLeaks' actions were "verging on the criminal…It's not just negligence, it's not just stupidity, it is something which can be of active assistance to terrorist organisations."

Maybe it’s true. It is definitely controversial and a heated topic today.  And messing with the US government is costly. Wikileaks lost over $150k in the past week. Amazon and PayPal have suspended service to Mr. Assange and Wikileaks. The Swiss bank PostFinance froze the accounts to Wikileaks as well.

More than Mr. Assange’s Reputation Risks Being Damaged

Even more damaging will be his extradition to Sweden once his location of hiding is discovered. This includes a blow to his already questionable character as he has been hit with rape charges on Monday, December 6th from the once neutral Sweden.

Has the freedom of speech amendment been taken too far? Why with this individual and not before? The rape charges look a bit suspicious and may be a sure set up so the US can have their way with him. And many, many are suggesting assassination.

Those Up in Arms Want Assange’s Blood

But how is this ethical from a country that is caught with so much blood on their hands? And I am not just talking about the CIA and military. Let innocent foetuses be murdered, let rapists do only four year sentences, let drug dealers and murders have a second chance, but assassinate a fearless fool because he leaked words that drove the US politicians to insanity?

This war is not evenly armed. Mr. Julian Assange may well have the ironic situation on his hands: modern technology allowed him to start a lucrative business, and it is modern technology that will disclose his whereabouts unless he is truly a genius like no other. I bet he never dreamt it would come to this. 

Written by Jori Sams