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The Christmas Light

The true light is already shining. The darkness is passing away. That is what the Apostle John said. Jesus had been born, crucified, buried and resurrected at the time of John's writing. And Jesus was living still. He is the shining light John is referencing in I John 2:8.

It is a wonderful and prophetic idea. We do not need to wait for the return of Christ to have light. We can walk in it now. The darkness is already passing away.

This is so hard to imagine with all the sin and depravity that surrounds us. News of it bombards us through the media. With cable television and internet access, we can drown ourselves in it all day. There is so much darkness.

In fact, with the wealth of information and entertainment, and lack of quality, streaming across the digital superhighway, more people suffer depression and mental illness than ever before.

We are Cyber Slaves

Yet we cannot get enough of the cyber world. It owns us. Some of us are slaves to it. Remember that this Christmas as the old year is passing. Be careful what you spend your money on this year. Make is quality. There are a lot of companies that want your dollar and will market in huge proportions to fight for it.

Remember also why we are celebrating Christmas. To be sure, many have taken Christ out of it and celebrate merely the warmth of the season. Chestnuts and hot chocolate, candles and fires in the fireplace.

Christmas had Gotten Cold

The warmth of Christmas from yesteryear has disappeared. The Curry and Ives and Thomas Kincaide scenes have come and gone. My granny used to say every Christmas, “It just doesn't feel like Christmas. No. Christmas is for children.”

But why, if we are celebrating Emmanuel, God with us? The true light is already shining. And still shines. The darkness is already passing away. This is certainly something to celebrate.

Santa is for children. So are toys. They are commercially sickening

A Day Like No Other Day - Emmanuel

Think about the reality of the incarnation of the Lord Jesus. It was the changing point of history. God coming down in the most vulnerable of forms – a baby. For ages after the Medes ruled the earth and Daniel's prophesy, kings, astronomers and sages kept watch for the fulfillment of the prophesy. Finally it came. They were ready.

Let us be the wise men of the era. The new prophecy awaits fulfilling. The final revelation of the Glory of God. The Lion from the tribe of Judah is girding himself and getting ready to mount his white horse. Let us keep watch for the fulfillment and be ready.

Creation groans for the return of the Lord. The intensity is building. He is here, already shining. He stands on the other side of the door waiting for a return invitation. Don't delay!


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