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Poqueira During Its Destruction in 2009
The Poqueira River After the Destruction of 2009

The Rolling River in Winter

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The Poqueira River Before the Destruction of 2009

It was just over a year ago that I walked this path during the time of the devastation. I remember when I reached the top; my eyes could not believe what they beheld. Everything changed in a matter of hours. The water raged from wall to wall. It cut its way down over boulder, cutting in the earth, and the earth was falling and dropping and trees were rolling out of sight.

It was fierce.

The snowmelt and rain comes now. The water grey and brown. Undercutting once again. Never the same will this place be. The brown drops sink and drag the earth. I watch the water falling along the wall.

How long can the wall hold up? The ground is unstable. Doesn’t the water fear as it makes it way down, drop on top of drop, plummetting through gorge and canyon as a strong powerful force? Does it know where it’s going, that it’s being carried out to the sea? It will never be the same.

I fear it as I watch it fall. A hollow feeling inside overcomes me. I make my way back up the path to my false sense of security, throwing one last look at the raging river rolling behind me.

By Jori Sams

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