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November 19, 2010

From Miss Kate Middleton to Queen Consort

kate middleton

The world goes mad for a great romance. Every little girl wants to be a princess. Few will ever achieve this goal. Right now, all eyes are on Miss Kate Middleton who will one day be called “Queen.”

Some stories are just too good to be true. How ever did she do it? It probably helped that her parents have a successful online business and were able to put her into a prestigious university, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. It is there where she met her Prince Charming, a.k.a. Prince William of Wales.

The Couple have been Together for Eight Years

After the spring wedding the couple will reside in Wales. Their relationship has been a long one, and not without difficulties. The fame and failure of privacy had affected Miss Middleton adversely and the lack of commitment as the Prince started to play around. The two broke it off in 2007.

The break up was too much for the Prince and after a short time and a bit of distance the couple reunited as “friends”, seen in public on various occasions. Earlier in the week the news was released that the Prince has received permission to wed from Kate’s father.

Prince William Proposes

Good choice. I think the bride-to-be is darling and the couple looks like they belong together. Kate comes from a middle class family giving this story extra charm. The young lady seems proper enough and down to earth.

It is said after the two marry she will continue in the line of charity work, as Princesses do. The crazy thing is the amount of security and the cost of it. It is estimated to be around $80 million. The venue will most likely be the historic Westminster Abbey. Lucky lady, it seems for the time being.

by Jori Sams

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