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Both sides of our creative ends, the writing and graphic design, are forward thinking and aggressive with the demands of today's online industry. It is an exciting place to be, always expanding and growing.

SamSol Designs keeps quality and integrity in mind. Take some time to view the site. Our interests are diverse. We have a variety of creative content beginning with our portfolio. 

While those at SamSol Designs do not wish to build themselves up or exploit their good works for public display, we do want our clients and contributors to know that we strongly desire to promote the quality of life to those who will never be fortunate enough to surf the web or read these pages.

In order to do this, we are donating a good portion of our profits to charities that are able to provide quality services to those in need all over the globe.

We hope this brings a smile to your face when you realize that by working alongside us, you are helping to change the world. If together we can improve the life of just one person, it is worth it!

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