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religious pilgrimage

John and Jori's Religious Pilgrimage 2011


Having spent the winter working long hours to save money for our pilgrimage, I had to step away from blogging. It takes more time to write, upload and edit such a site than you might imagine. Now I am introducing the video series from our journey, as I kept a videolog along the way.

It it no way can capture all the sights and sounds, but even in making the video clips, it brought a lot of the trip back to life. I post it here as my own memoir in hopes that some of you might enjoy it.

It is a bit educational. So if you are embarking on such a trip, you may get ideas or learn about the places you are heading to. I have spent dozens of hours researching for our pilgrimage and these short films.

I do realize they are raw. This is how I wanted them to be. Some have poor sound quality, but I hope you can still make some sense of the feel of each special place. Without spending loads of money on video editors, I decided to keep the home video feeling to them, as they are just a personal videolog. To begin the series, continue to the next page.


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