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Lucky Gift Box for the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)

Ireland Will See Pay Cuts While the MEP's Get Money for Nothing
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The EU's Tower of Babel

December 1, 2010

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Merry Christmas, MEPs!

Come on. Someone be real. Governments aren't really run by Presidents and Congressmen. They are run by big business. Long has this been true. Does it matter to anyone else that the rich keep taking from the poor?

Today my case is this: Spain is under threat with the highest unemployment rate in Europe. Its economy is sinking along with Portugal, Greece, Ireland. Who else? Ireland's economy is so bad that they are lowering the minimum wage by 1 per hour. This is the salary bracket of people who are suffering and struggling the most. Hello!

Having said that, it is true that Ireland has one of the highest minimum wage salaries in the EU. After the €1 per hour cut, employees must receive nearly €8 per hour. In England it is under €6 per hour and in Spain and Portugal, less than €5.

O! Come All Ye Faithful!

What makes it so unethical is what is happening at the top. The money is being skimmed from the bottom and placed into the pockets of the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and their staff. They will receive a 3.7% pay raise.

Twenty seven countries that were represented at an EU meeting came to a an agreement that due to difficult times the pay increase should not exceend 1.8%. This was not good enough to those leading the EU and they demanded this rate double.

Good King Wenceslas

Effective immediately, around 45,000 EU staff will see their wages improve by the 3.7% margin. This is ridiculous and unethical. Merry Christmas MEPs! Merry Christmas. As for you Irish, don't feel too bad. You are still almost the highest paid bottom dwellers in Europe.

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