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Oh! The Glorious Tasting Roast Turkey!
Photo by The Kosher
The Warmth of the Thanksgiving Table Setting
Photo by David Goehring

Happy Thanksgiving Day to Americans Around the World

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Remember Our Soldiers This Holiday
Photo Courtesy of the United States Marines

Eat Some Turkey for Me!

I love the memories of Thanksgivings past. The cold and crisp morning air. The build up for Christmas. Selecting presents for layaway. Yes. Layaway. These were from years, long, long ago.

Thanksgiving kicks off the Christmas holiday season. Snowflakes and icicles. Sleighs and candy canes. Baking Christmas cookies. It all begins after eating the big bird.

We don't have turkeys in Spain. For seven seasons between life in England and here in Andalucia I pine on this day. I miss my family. I miss my friends.

I miss the warmest part of the cold season, which is carried in my heart. I even miss the Thanksgiving Day Parade, as cheesy as it is. But by seeing it, I would feel connected. Ah, yes. America loves cheese. That is what I always say.

There is a neighbor of mine, even from the small village of less than 400, who is in Santa Fe right now. I bet he will sink his teeth into a roast turkey for the first time. And I will sit here drooling.

Sad for me. But Happy Thanksgiving to all you fellow Americans today. What a great history this day is built upon!

So give your many thanks to God the Creator of all good things. Rejoice. Have a Blessed Holiday Season!
Jori Sams