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Red Bull Has Had a Stellar Season
Photo by Jeroen 9711
Praying for a Miracle
Photo by Dustin M. Ramsey

November 9, 2010
formula one articlePhoto by Morio

Hamilton, it Will Take a Miracle!

Forgive the delay. The news may be lagging a couple days behind, but I've been busy. Busy writing. Building websites. Editing. Backlinking. And watching Formula 1.

I confess, I'm kind of a fan. What I don't like is the Ferrari favoritism. The misfortunes that befall every driver except Ferrari's number one at the end of the season. I think it is fixed in some way or other.

Just One Race Left to Go!

But with one race left to go, I am hoping for a miracle. Now, since the dawn of my Formula 1 spectatorship, about four years ago, I have thought Red Bull had the raciest looking race car on the circuit. I was well pleased to see Red Bull team principal Christian Horner take the award for Constructor's Championship.
It seems with so many pole positions and dominance on the track, one of their drivers should have clutched the Driver's Championship by now. But it is no secret Red Bull have had reliability issues since the start of the season.

McLaren Keep Making Bad Calls

McLaren have had a few of their own. Not to mention some really consistently bad calls ruining the chances for former champ Lewis Hamilton. With the screws a little tighter in the boss's head, Hamilton could be in honest contention.
Oh. I wasn't going to mention it.
Well, all of the top drivers have made some mental mistakes. Big ones costing big points. So, what is left is Fernando Alonso looking a sure win. Good odds swing toward Mark Webber, who is lucky to be walking let alone driving after one of his really dangerous track blunders. Vettel has a good chance still. But I said I was hoping for a miracle.

Hamilton is the Most Instinctive Drive on the F1 Circuit

Not just hoping, but actually praying. That is where Hamilton comes in. Lagging 24 points from leader Alonso, in order for Hamilton to secure a number one spot in the driver's seat, all three drivers ahead of him have to finish outside the top ten.
Not interested in Formula 1 in the years of Michael Schumacher, Hamilton is the most instinctive and natural driver on the track. He is also fearless.And in need of a miracle. But he is a praying man.
Hamilton Knows it will be Nothing but a Miracle
Photo by GP China
Still making some young mistakes, he is yet the only one ready to race in the downpour. Ready to risk it all and go for it. He answers on his radio conditions are fine in the driving rain while the rest of the pack want to come in. They cannot see.
Who needs to see? They are only pushing the boundaries of speed and danger.
Hamilton may be one of the pretty boys. But he's not as “pretty” as the rest of them. I would like to see Vettel with a championship. But not this year. This year, I am praying for a miracle...
Written by Jori Sams