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They are looking for and expecting their Messiah, who will only come when most needed.            


The Muslim Revolt

Photo by Gringer


It is my guess that in weeks to come the Middle East will regain their top spot.

April 2, 2011

Global Update:

The World in Chaos

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Photo Courtesy of the US Navy

There are uprisings in the Middle East. They have dominated the international media for weeks. All are shaken. Many given insight as the the cause and the predicted result of such distress.

Bear in mind,  there is also a sense of unrest in the Middle East and Moslem countries. They are looking for and expecting their Messiah, who will only come when most needed. The Moslem nations are collectively to their limit with hoping their own leaders are their great savior.

No Obvious Messiah

The world of Islam has also lost hope in President Barack Obama of the US as their Messiah or the one pointing the way. They are now forcing chaos in hopes of rearing the one they will consider to fit the role. They are ready for the Muslim world to unite.
When this happens, and they can find one joint ruler over them, they will look to Israel. It will seem hopeless for the tiny nation surrounded with one common enemy. In the meantime they see the tiny wildfires around them.

Japan Draws the Attention for Now

In the meantime, nature has had its way. In so doing, all eyes are on Japan. When we could get our heads around the high level of the earthquake that hit the island country, only minutes passed before ultimate devistation.
Watching the footage online and on the tele over and over again, it was unbelievable to think their troubles were not over. Nuclear disaster threatened.
Who can prepare for such a thing?

Global Rumors

It is rumored that after witnessing the Nuclear crisis Japan faces involuntarily, Germany and France are in discussions about how to rid of their nuclear facilities. No wonder. The idea of such a thing is frightening, and something no one obviously ever considered or thought was possible. 
While the world tries to help absorb the incalculable cost of repairing the Asian nation of Japan, and the lives of those who have suffered and are suffereing greatly, the media coverage slowly fades. It is always the same with natural disasters. How much do we know about the rebuilding of New Orleans? The lives of those who suffered horrifically in Haiti?

Back to the Headlines

It is my guess that in weeks to come the Middle East will regain their top spot. Should another natural disaster come along, and it is certain to in these days, it will take its place before our eyes. No one can guess with great certainty where that might be.
But the earth has not been silent for a few years. It seems to me it is worth noting. This is because for all my younger years put together I had not seen but perhaps one major disaster every four or five years across the globe. Now we see that many every year. Something stirs in the East.
Written by Jori Sams
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